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Hello Rache provides Healthcare Virtual Assistant (HVA) solutions for medical, dental, optometry, and veterinary professionals.

Hello Rache helps you with tasks such as EMR documentation, reducing administrative burden and improving workflow. Hello Rache offers services such as virtual typing, administrative support, and medical transcription. These HVAs are fully trained in medical terminology, HIPAA-certified and based in the Philippines. Founded by Dr Mark Carnett, a family physician, Hello Rache aims to help medical professionals save time and increase efficiency by providing virtual assistance services tailored to the healthcare industry. The company ensures consistency by allowing its clients to work with the same HVA on a daily basis, fostering long-term relationships and familiarity with workflows. Hello Rache's virtual assistants can help with scheduling appointments, managing patient records, answering calls and emails, and entering data into electronic medical records. By utilizing these services, medical practices can increase productivity, reduce administrative overhead and improve patient-doctor relationships.

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Address 4990 E Mediterranean Drive, Suite D Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Email [email protected]
Founder Dr. Mark Carnett
Founding Date 2017
Logo Hello Rache
Name Hello Rache
Number Of Employees 51-200 employees 1,143 associated members
Revenue $16 Million
Telephone (520) 274-1477
Url hellorache
Golden golden
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Hello Rache


Sierra Vista, US
16 Jul 2024

Sierra Vista, US
16 Jul 2024

Hello Rache

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Hello Rache: Healthcare Virtual Assistant Solutions For Doctors ...
Family-owned company providing Healthcare Virtual Assistant solutions to medical, dental, & veterinary professionals. Flat-rate $9.50/Hour.
https://apply.workable.com › hello-rache
Healthcare Virtual Assistant - Hello Rache
We are a US-based company seeking medically trained staff based in the Philippines. As a Healthcare Virtual Assistant®(HVA), you will work directly with our ...
Hello Rache
Hello Rache is the #1 virtual assistant service for doctors and medical professionals. HelloRache helps doctors improve workflow, save time, and make more ...
How to Apply in Hello Rache 2024 | Work from Home Job
In today's video, I will be tackling Hello Rache's overview, qualification, technical requirements, application process, salary, and benefits.
Hello Rache
The Leading Virtual Assistant Service For Medical, Dental, & Veterinary Professionals. Family owned & operated since 2017. Trusted by thousands of practices ...
Healthcare Virtual Assistance | Hello Rache®️
Leading Virtual Assistant Solutions Medical | Dental | Veterinary $9.50/Hour. No Contracts. No Setup Fees. Family Owned & Operated Since 2017.
Hello Rache Healthcare Virtual Assistant Reviews
Healthcare Virtual Assistant employees have rated Hello Rache with 4.2 out of 5 stars, based on 42 company reviews on Glassdoor. This indicates that most ...
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Hello Rache (Medical clinic in Sierra Vista, Arizona)

  • Medical clinic in Sierra Vista, Arizona : 3.4 mi
  • Address : 4990 E Mediterranean Dr, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

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