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David Clelland is associated with David Clelland Consulting, where he focuses on driving innovation and empowering small businesses strategically.

David Clelland is professionally active in a variety of areas related to small business technology consulting, government relations consulting and palliative care research. He has an extensive background in business, particularly in small business technology consulting. His expertise lies in helping small businesses drive innovation and grow strategically. David's background in business includes a focus on innovation, strategy and relationship building.

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Address Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Alumni Of Louisiana State University
Gender Male
Image David Clelland
Job Title CEO & Founder
Name David Clelland
Nationality United Kingdom
Url linkedin
Works For Name: David Clelland Consulting · url: https://www.davidclelland.com/
Google google
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David Clelland


Glasgow, GB
17 Mar 2024

Glasgow, GB
17 Mar 2024

David Clelland

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David Clelland (Former Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom)

David Gordon Clelland is a British Labour Party politician. He was the Member of Parliament for Tyne Bridge from the 1985 by-election until the 2010 general election.

  • Born : 27 June 1943 (age 80 years), Gateshead
  • Spouse : Brenda Graham (m. 2005), Maureen Potts (m. 1965)
  • Party : Labour Party
  • Previous office : Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom (1985–2010)

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