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Romain Pison is an entrepreneur and decarbonization specialist known for his expertise in ESG, climate change, and green infrastructure.

Romain Pison has held key roles at organizations such as the World Bank, where he worked as a climate and infrastructure advisor and as head of the ESG department in the green infrastructure sector. Romain Pison is founder and director of Meristem Design, an urban greening company, and co-founder of Wiia, a company that integrates artificial intelligence and data analytics into impact investing and advisory services. Romain Pison has been appointed Director of Decarbonisation at SYSTRA, where he focuses on ESG consulting and advisory services, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, supply chain and nature-based solutions. With more than 25 years of experience in the design and implementation of transport projects around the world, he is known for his commitment to sustainability, energy transition and decarbonisation. Romain's work emphasises the importance of environmental responsibility and innovative problem solving in the fight against climate change.

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Romain Pison


London, GB
18 Apr 2024

London, GB
18 Apr 2024

Romain Pison

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Romain Pison I An Entrepreneur and Decarbonization Specialist
Romain Pison is an entrepreneur and decarbonization specialist with a strong focus on ESG, climate change, and green infrastructure.
Romain Pison
Founder and Director at Meristem Design, an award winning urban greening design company based in Fitzrovia and Cobham. London Area, United Kingdom. › Home › Newsroom
SYSTRA appoints Romain Pison as Director of ...
Romain Pison joins SYSTRA as Director of Decarbonisation and will consolidate and expand SYSTRA's existing comprehensive offer supporting public and private ...
Romain Pison (@PisonRomain) · X › team › romain-pison
Romain Pison | Senior Transport Specialist, World Bank
Romain Pison is a Senior Transport Specialist in the Transport and Digital Development Global Practice of the World Bank. In this role, Romain has led the. › today › author › romainpison
Romain Pison
Romain Pison. Climate Finance | Decarbonisation | ReFi & Nature | Entrepreneur. View articles by Romain Pison. Revolutionizing UK Infrastructure: Nature ...
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Knowledge Panel

Romain Pison (Author)

Romain Pison is an entrepreneur and renowned decarbonization expert known for his work in ESG and green infrastructure. ...
  • Books : GREEN HORIZONS: My Journey Through Asia’s Urban Transformation Towards Sustainability

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