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Ravi Parikh is an accomplished entrepreneur with a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Austin at Texas.

Ravi Parikh founded and successfully grew his first startup, MakerSquare, which was sold in 2015. Since then, Ravi Parikh has proven his expertise in this field by founding several successful companies and ventures, including RoverPass, Code Galaxy, Residential Real Estate Development and Bitcoin Mining. To date, he has raised more than €20 million in funding and has ambitious goals for the coming years.Ravi Parikh brings to Parikh Financial extensive experience in financial database management systems and strategies. As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Managing Director, he plays a critical role in helping companies optimize their performance and remain competitive.

Industry: Health

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Address Austin, Texas, United States
Alumni Of The University of Texas at Austin
Gender Male
Image Ravi Parikh
Job Title Owner, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) , Managing Director
Name Ravi Parikh
Nationality India
Url parikh
Works For Name: Parikh Financial · url: https://www.parikh.financial/
Golden golden
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Ravi Parikh


Austin, US
17 Mar 2024

Austin, US
17 Mar 2024

Ravi Parikh

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Knowledge Panel
Knowledge Panel

Ravi B Parikh (Researcher)


  • h-index : 25
  • Affiliation : University of Pennsylvania
  • Research interests : Cancer Care Delivery, Machine Learning, Serious Illness, Digital Health, Pragmatic Clinical Trials

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