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Tremaine L. Hemans is an immigration attorney and principal of Hemans Law Group, P.A., dedicated to helping those seeking to realize the American dream through immigration services.

Tremaine L. Hemans is also a mentor and motivational speaker. She has been featured in several publications and television programs discussing her passion and dedication to immigration and personal injury law, such as the Daily Business Review, Miami Herald, Jamaica Observer, Television Jamaica (TVJ), CVM Television and other publications. She specializes in family, visa and deportation protection in immigration law and personal injury in Florida car accidents and falls. She is a member of the Florida Bar, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and serves as a notary public in the State of Florida.

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Address Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area
Alumni Of Florida International University - College of Law
Email [email protected]
Gender Female
Honorific Suffix Esq.
Image Tremaine L . Hemans
Job Title Founder & Managing Attorney
Name Tremaine L . Hemans
Nationality United States
Url hemanslaw
Works For Name: The Hemans Law Group, PA Url:
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Tremaine L . Hemans


Fort Lauderdale, US
1 Nov 2023

Fort Lauderdale, US
1 Nov 2023

Tremaine L . Hemans

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Hemans Law Group P. A. | Florida Immigration Law ...
Tremaine is a phenomenal immigration attorney! She will fight with everything she has to see your case is worked on and for you to get the best results. › legallytrem
Tremaine L. Hemans, Esq. 🇯🇲 (@legallytrem)
THE HEMANS LAW GROUP, P.A.. Immigration Lawyer| Mentor| Motivational Speaker Founder @hemanslaw & LegallyTrem Mentorship · Set the boundaries, they'll be ok. › directories › find-mbr
Member Profile – Tremaine L Hemans
The Hemans Law Group, P.A. 110 E BROWARD BLVD STE 1700. FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33301-3500. Office: 954-315-3840. › meet-your-attorney
Meet Your Attorney | Immigration Lawyer USA
Here meet Tremaine L. Hemans, Esq. Florida Immigration Lawyer. She is the Hemans Law Group CEO and is eligible to practice U.S. Immigration law. › tremaine-hemans-esq-91a57...
Tremaine Hemans, Esq. - Owner
Immigration Law: Family- Based Adjustment & Immigrant Visas, Removal Defense, Asylum, VAWA • E-Filing Trained • Real Estate Title Review › LegallyTrem
Tremaine L. Hemans, Esq. 🇯🇲 (@LegallyTrem) ...
#kirkfranklin documentary has sooo much to unpack but that Debra honey…..looked at the truth in black and white and still went with her own truth. › ... › Fort Lauderdale
Tremaine L Hemans
Fort Lauderdale, Florida attorney Tremaine L Hemans. Legal practice includes personal injury and immigration law. Research legal experience, professional ... › ...
Tremaine L. Hemans, Esq. (@legallytrem)
born U.S. Immigration Lawyer, The Hemans Law Group, P.A., 954-315-3840 · throwback #LegallyTrem #yourfavoritelawyer #immigrationlawyer #blacklawyer # ... › meet-members
Tremaine L. Hemans (Contact)
... Tremaine L. Hemans. The Hemans Law Group, P.A.. 2598 East Sunrise Boulevard, Suite 2104Fort Lauderdale FL 33304, US. 754-301-8744 · Send a ... › radar › card › how-broward-la...
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Being able to connect with clients is a skill the best attorneys have mastered. But Tremaine L. Hemans often relates with her immigration clientele on a de.

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