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Jumoke F. Oladapo is the founder and lead attorney of IvyLaw Law Office, LLC, located in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Jumoke F. Oladapo holds a Master of Law (LL.M.) and is admitted to practice law in Maryland and Washington D.C.. She specializes in family immigration, estate planning and trust law. She has been recognized as one of the top 10 immigration attorneys in Maryland and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the Maryland State Bar Association. She is also a licensed Personal Family Lawyer® with the Family Wealth Institute. Her law company, IvyLaw Law Office, LLC, is known for providing knowledgeable advice and representation focused on her clients' immigration and estate planning needs.

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Address Greenbelt, Maryland, United States
Alumni Of University of Baltimore School of Law
Email [email protected]
Gender Female
Honorific Suffix Esq.
Image Jumoke F. Oladapo
Job Title Managing Attorney, Founder and Lead attorney
Name Jumoke F. Oladapo
Nationality United States
Url ivylawoffice
Works For Name: IvyLaw Law Office, LLC Url: www.ivylawoffice.com
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Jumoke F. Oladapo


Greenbelt, US
1 Apr 2024

Greenbelt, US
1 Apr 2024

Jumoke F. Oladapo

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Jumoke Oladapo Esq. - Greenbelt
Attorney Jumoke Oladapo holds a Master of Law (LL.M) from the University of Baltimore, Maryland, and is licensed to practice law as an attorney in the States of ...
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Mrs. Jumoke F. Oladapo
The law office is located in Greenbelt, Maryland; providing highly professional legal service and representation in the Washington D.C and Maryland Metropolis.
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Experienced Attorney with a demonstrated history of working in the Legal Services industry. Strong legal professional skilled in Family -based immigration ...
Jumoke Oladapo - Lawyer in Greenbelt, MD
I am the Manging Attorney at Ivylaw Law Office, Greenbelt, Maryland. I am Passionate about helping my clients, both individuals and companies to navigate ...
IvyLaw Law Office, LLC
Attorney Jumoke Oladapo formed the Estate Planning and Trust practice to create a model firm in the DMV where documents are not just prepared but relationships ...
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About Jumoke F. Oladapo - Kalicube Profile page
Jumoke F. Oladapo is the founder and lead attorney of IvyLaw Law Office, LLC, located in Greenbelt, Maryland. Jumoke F. Oladapo holds a Master of Law (LL.M.) ...
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Jumoke F Oladapo, Lawyer in Greenbelt, Maryland
Nov 15, 2017 — Greenbelt, Maryland attorney Jumoke F Oladapo. Legal practice includes family law, divorce and immigration law. Research legal experience ...
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Jumoke Oladapo
I am Jumoke Oladapo, the founder and lead attorney of IvyLaw Law Office, LLC. I hold a Master of Law (LL.M.) degree and have been named among the Top 10 ...
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