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Attorney Paul M. GrantAttorney Paul M. Grant is a Attorney at The Law Office of Paul M. Grant a law company based in Medina, Ohio with additional offices in Akron, Ohio.

Attorney Paul M. Grant has over 26 years of experience in various legal fields such as criminal, family, and personal injury law. He has represented companies and individuals in high-stakes cases covering a variety of legal claims. In addition to these areas of expertise, He is also experienced in corporate law and commercial litigation.

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Address Akron, Ohio, United States
Email [email protected]
Gender Male
Image Paul M. Grant
Job Title Attorney
Name Paul M. Grant
Nationality United States
Url grant-law
Works For Name: The Law Office of Paul M. Grant , Url:
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Paul M. Grant


Littleton, US
1 May 2024

Littleton, US
1 May 2024

Paul M. Grant

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The Law Office of Paul M. Grant: Law Firm | Medina, OH
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Paul M. Grant
Since 1993, Mr. Grant has represented companies and individuals in high-stakes cases covering a variety of legal claims. As proof of his expertise in the ...
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Law Office of Paul M Grant (Criminal justice attorney in Akron, Ohio)
  • Address : 209 S Main St Fl 8, Akron, OH 44308
  • Phone : (330) 762-0834

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