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About Jonathan M. Kashani

Jonathan M. Kashani is the founder and leader of the Kash Legal Group, a personal injury law company that provides individualized client services and effective legal representation.

Jonathan M. Kashani is an attorney based in Los Angeles, California and has been practicing law for 7 years and handles cases related to personal injury, car accidents, animal and dog bites, and more. In addition to his legal work, Mr. Kashani is also the founder of Leaner Creamer, a company that produces a natural coffee creamer.

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Address Beverly Hills, California, United States
Email [email protected]
Gender Male
Image Jonathan M. Kashani
Job Title Founder & Attorney
Name Jonathan M. Kashani
Nationality United States
Url kashlegal
Works For Name: Kash Legal Group Url:
Twitter twitter
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Jonathan M. Kashani


Los Angeles, US
1 Jun 2024

Los Angeles, US
1 Jun 2024

Jonathan M. Kashani

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