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Alyssa J. Devine is the founder and managing attorney of Purple Fox Legal, a law company that provides quality legal services to entrepreneurs and small businesses in Nashville, TN, and New York.

Alyssa J. Devine has a JD, an MBA and a certificate in intellectual property law from Indiana University. She gained valuable insight while working at a prestigious intellectual property management firm that protects company trademarks of deceased celebrities. Alyssa uses her accumulated knowledge and skills to not only solve legal problems, but to add value for her clients. She also communicates regularly with her clients about their legal matters to ensure they can make informed decisions.

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Address Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Alumni Of Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
Email [email protected]
Gender Female
Image Alyssa J. Devine
Job Title Founder & Managing Attorney
Name Alyssa J. Devine
Nationality United States
Url purplefoxlegal
Works For Name: Purple Fox Legal, Url:
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Alyssa J. Devine


Nashville, US
1 Apr 2024

Nashville, US
1 Apr 2024

Alyssa J. Devine

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Alyssa J. Devine, JD, MBA - Purple Fox Legal
CEO & Founder | Renaissance Marketing Group | Renaissance Women's Summit | The Mona Lisa Foundation | Empowering Entrepreneurs to Create Their Renaissance.
Purple Fox Legal: Business Law in Nashville, TN & New York
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Alyssa J. Devine. Alyssa gained valuable insight while working at a renowned intellectual property management company protecting deceased celebrities' brands. › ... › IP Spotlights
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Alyssa J. Devine, J.D. '20. Attorney. Purple Fox Legal, Nashville, Tennessee. Intellectual Property law captured Alyssa Devine's attention during her first year ... › people › alyssa-devine
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(Business and Intellectual Property Law) Alyssa J. Devine
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Alyssa J. Devine, JD, MBA
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Alyssa J. Devine, Lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee
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Alyssa J. Devine
Alyssa J. Devine. I promise I am a real person, but this profile is purely for business purposes. 󱜏. Lives in Nashville, Tennessee. 󱚷. Single. 󱤊. Friends.

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