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Aaron Burr


New York City, US
23 Nov 2023

New York City, US
23 Nov 2023

Aaron Burr

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Overview, History, Education
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Aaron_Burr
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr Jr. (February 6, 1756 – September 14, 1836) was an American politician, businessman and lawyer who served as the third vice president of the ...
https://www.britannica.com › biography › Aaron-Burr
Aaron Burr | Biography & Facts
8 days ago — Aaron Burr, third vice president of the United States (1801–05), who killed his political rival, Alexander Hamilton, in a duel (1804).
https://www.biography.com › political-figures › aaron...
Aaron Burr - Hamilton, Duel & Death
Aaron Burr was the third vice president of the United States, serving under President Thomas Jefferson. Burr fatally shot his rival, Alexander Hamilton, ...
https://www.ushistory.org › valleyforge › served › burr
Biography of Aaron Burr
Burr was a very successful attorney. He moved to New York in 1783 and shared a practice with Alexander Hamilton. In 1789, New York Governor, George Clinton ...
https://constitutioncenter.org › blog › the-great-trial-th...
Aaron Burr's trial and the Constitution's treason clause
Sep 1, 2023 — It was on this day in 1807 that former Vice President Aaron Burr was acquitted of treason charges. The trial was truly a “Trial of the ...
https://millercenter.org › burr-1801-vicepresident
Aaron Burr (1801-1805)
Burr ran for governor of New York in the 1804 election. Alexander Hamilton, a Federalist, led the opposition to Burr's candidacy and spoke out against Burr and ...
https://www.pbs.org › americanexperience › features
Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr's Duel
On July 11, 1804, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr met on the dueling grounds at Weehawken, New Jersey, to fight the final skirmish of a long-lived ...
https://history.nycourts.gov › figure › aaron-burr
Aaron Burr - Historical Society of the New York Courts
Attorney General of New York, 1789-1791. Aaron Burr was born in Newark, New Jersey, on February 6, 1756. He was educated privately, then studied at the College ...
https://www.monticello.org › research-education › aar...
Aaron Burr | Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Aaron Burr (1756-1836) and Thomas Jefferson met in 1791, when Burr became a member of the United States Senate. A decade later, Jefferson candidly wrote ...
https://www.battlefields.org › learn › biographies › aar...
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr's legacy as a founding father is peculiar. He was a hero of the Revolutionary War, United States senator, and vice president.
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(Former Vice President of the United States)

Aaron Burr Jr. was an American politician, businessman and lawyer who served as the third vice president of the United States from 1801 to 1805 during Thomas Jefferson's first presidential term. He was a co-founder of the Bank of New York, which he founded in June 1784 along with Alexander Hamilton.

  • Born : February 6, 1756, Newark, NJ
  • Died : September 14, 1836, Staten Island, New York, NY
  • Spouse : Eliza Jumel (m. 1833–1836), Theodosia Bartow Prevost (m. 1782–1794)
  • Children : Theodosia Burr Alston, Aaron Columbus Burr, John Pierre Burr
  • Previous offices : Vice President of the United States (1801–1805), MORE
  • Organization founded : Manhattan Company
  • Grandchildren : Aaron Burr Alston, John Emory, J. Matilda
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