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Carl Sagan


New York City, US
28 Sep 2023

New York City, US
28 Sep 2023

Carl Sagan

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Carl Sagan
Carl Edward Sagan was an American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, science communicator, author, and professor.
The Carl Sagan Portal: Home
We are a team of writers, filmmakers, producers, researchers, engineers, educators and artists who, with a growing list of partners across science, ... › science-nature › w...
Why Carl Sagan is Truly Irreplaceable | Science
Mar 9, 2014 — Carl Edward Sagan was born in 1934 in Brooklyn, the son of a worshipful, overbearing mother, Rachel, and a hard-working garment industry manager ... › biography › Carl-Sagan
Carl Sagan | Biography, Education, Books, Cosmos, & Facts
Aug 8, 2023 — Carl Sagan, American astronomer and science writer. A popular and influential figure in the United States, he was controversial in ... › show › 10538.Carl_Sagan
Carl Sagan (Author of Cosmos)
Sagan was author, co-author or editor of 20 books, including The Dragons of Eden (1977), which won a Pulitzer, Pale Blue Dot (1995) and The Demon-Haunted World: ... › scientists › carl-sagan
Carl Sagan - Cosmos, Quotes & Books
Astronomer Carl Sagan graduated from the University of Chicago, where he studied planets and explored theories of extraterrestrial intelligence. › name
Carl Sagan(1934-1996)
Carl Sagan. Writer: Contact. Astronomer, educator and author Carl Sagan was perhaps the world's greatest popularizer of science, reaching millions of people ... › people › carl-sagan-193...
Carl Sagan (1934-1996) | Planetary Scientist
Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996) played a leading role in the American space program from its very beginning. He was a consultant and adviser to NASA beginning in the ... › profiles › carl-sagan
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan was Earth's leading advocate for the greatest adventure in human history: missions of discovery to worlds beyond our own. › Carl-Sagan
Carl Sagan: books, biography, latest update
Carl Sagan was Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences and Director of the Laboratory for Planetary... Read full bio. Most Popular. Best Seller.
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(American astronomer and planetary scientist)

Carl Edward Sagan was an American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, science communicator, author, and professor.
  • Born : November 9, 1934, Brooklyn, New York, NY
  • Died : December 20, 1996, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
  • Spouse : Ann Druyan (m. 1981–1996), Linda Salzman Sagan (m. 1968–1981), Lynn Margulis (m. 1957–1964)
  • Children : Sasha Sagan, Nick Sagan, Samuel Sagan, Jeremy Sagan, Dorion Sagan
  • Parents : Samuel Sagan, Rachel Molly Gruber
  • Education : The University of Chicago (1960), MORE
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