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Charles Kuralt


New York City, US
21 May 2024

New York City, US
21 May 2024

Charles Kuralt

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Overview, TV shows, Books, Videos › wiki › Charles_Kuralt
Charles Kuralt
Charles Bishop Kuralt (September 10, 1934 – July 4, 1997) was an American television, newspaper and radio journalist and author. He is most widely known for ...
Remembering Charles Kuralt
A lifelong fan of Charles Kuralt, Ralph Grizzle interviewed the CBS Newsman in 1994. Following Kuralt's death on July 4, 1997, the University of North Carolina ... › biography › Charles-Kuralt
Charles Kuralt | Biography, Books, & Facts
May 10, 2024 — Charles Kuralt was an American broadcast journalist and author who chronicled everyday life in the "On the Road" television segments that ... › kuralt
Forgiving Charles Kuralt
He drank too much, he smoked too much, he ate too much and, now, it seems, he loved too much. May we forgive his excesses as readily as we embraced, unknowingly ... › landon › speakers › charles-k...
Charles Kuralt
CBS News correspondent. Charles Kuralt was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, and moved with his family up and down the state before they settled in Charlotte, ...
Charles Kuralt's America - Books
Suffused by a poet's love of language and rich in the spirit and flavor of this infinite and varied land, Charles Kuralt's America is, like its author, a ... › general-highway-history › jo...
John Steinbeck vs Charles Kuralt | FHWA › CBS Evening News
Remembering Charles Kuralt, legendary creator of "On the ...
Oct 27, 2017 — The legendary creator of "On the Road" died 20 years ago. But Kuralt's biggest fan -- Izzy Bleckman, his cameraman -- is alive and well.
This is a book filled with the actual content of the On The Road segments from CBS news in the 60's-80's. It features everyday, yet extraordinary, Americans. › name
Charles Kuralt(1934-1997)
Charles Kuralt was born on 10 September 1934 in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. He was a writer and actor, known for CBS News Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley ( ...
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Charles Kuralt (American journalist and author)

Charles Bishop Kuralt was an American television, newspaper and radio journalist and author. He is most widely known for his long career with CBS, first for his "On the Road" segments on The CBS Evening ...
  • Born : September 10, 1934, Wilmington, NC
  • Died : July 4, 1997 (age 62 years), New York, NY
  • Spouse : Suzanna Baird (m. 1962–1997), Sory Guthery (m. 1954–1960)
  • Parents : Wallace Kuralt, Ina Bishop Kuralt
  • Known for : On the Road
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