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David Rodnitzky


New York City, US
17 Mar 2024

New York City, US
17 Mar 2024

David Rodnitzky

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Overview, Books
David Rodnitzky - Agentic Shift
https://www.entrepreneur.com › author › david-rodnitzky
David Rodnitzky - Author Biography
David Rodnitzky
https://www.crunchbase.com › person › david-rodnitzky
David Rodnitzky - Founder and CEO @ 3Q/DEPT
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David Rodnitzky
https://www.amazon.com › David-Rodnitzky
David Rodnitzky: books, biography, latest update
https://www.ungagged.com › Speakers
David Rodnitzky
https://improvado.io › blog › titantalk-with-3q-digitals-...
Interview with David Rodnitzky, 3Q Digital — TitanTalk
https://searchengineland.com › author › david-rodnitzky
David Rodnitzky
https://www.everand.com › Ebooks › Marketing
Unfair Marketing by David Rodnitzky (Ebook)
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Knowledge Panel

David Rodnitzky (Author)

David Rodnitzky is the founder of Agentic Shift, a consulting firm that advises marketing agency founders who are considering or actively conducting a sale of their agency business.In 2008, David launched 3Q Digital, a performance marketing agency. ...

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