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New York City, US
24 Sep 2023

New York City, US
24 Sep 2023


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https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Divine_(performer)
Divine (performer)
Harris Glenn Milstead (October 19, 1945 – March 7, 1988), better known by his stage name Divine, was an American actor, singer, and drag queen.
https://www.imdb.com › name
Originally born Harris Glen Milstead just after the end of WWII, Baltimore's most outrageous resident eventually became the international icon of bad taste ...
https://www.merriam-webster.com › dictionary › divine
Divine Definition & Meaning
3 days ago — 1 of 3 adjective. di·vine də-ˈvīn. 1. a. : of, relating to, or coming directly from God or a god. b. : being God or a god. the divine Savior. c.
https://www.dictionary.com › browse › divine
Divine Definition & Meaning
divine · of or relating to a god, especially the Supreme Being. · addressed, appropriated, or devoted to God or a god; religious; sacred: divine worship.
https://dictionary.cambridge.org › dictionary › divine
DIVINE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
extremely good, pleasant, or enjoyable: We had a perfectly divine time in Switzerland. Their new house is quite divine!
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Divine_(rapper)
Divine (rapper)
Vivian Wilson Fernandes (born 2 October 1990), known professionally as Divine (stylized as DIVINE), is an Indian rapper of Goan descent.
https://en.wiktionary.org › wiki › divine
divine - Wiktionary, the free dictionary
Of or pertaining to a god. synonyms, antonyms △ · Eternal, holy, or otherwise godlike. synonyms, antonyms △ · Of superhuman or surpassing excellence. · Beautiful ...
https://www.collinsdictionary.com › dictionary › divine
Divine definition in American English
divine in American English ; 1. of or like God or a god ; 2. given or inspired by God; holy; sacred ; 3. devoted to God; religious; sacrosanct ; 4. having to do ...
https://www.youtube.com › watch
Divine - Shoot Your Shot • TopPop - YouTube
https://www.them.us › Culture › drag herstory
The Wild Life and Untimely Death of Divine, Drag Queen of ...
May 25, 2018 — Born Harris Glenn Milstead in 1945, Divine was called the “Drag Queen of the Century” by People Magazine upon his death in 1988. Growing up ...
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(American actor and singer)

Harris Glenn Milstead, better known by his stage name Divine, was an American actor, singer, and drag queen.

  • Born : October 19, 1945, Baltimore, MD
  • Died : March 7, 1988, Regency Plaza Suites
  • Full name : Harris Glenn Milstead
  • Place of burial : Prospect Hill Cemetery, Towson, MD
  • Parents : Frances Milstead, Harris Bernard Milstead

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