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About Jacob V. Hudnut

Jacob V. Hudnut is a lawyer and Chief Municipal Prosecutor in the City of Jersey City.

Jacob is also a Public Safety Professor and has been involved in various legal and criminal defense activities. Jacob has been the Municipal Prosecutor and Chief Prosecutor in the City of Jersey City and has been a criminal defense attorney and has been highly regarded in his field. He has also responded to the AOC's July comment on the Future of Court Operations.

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Address Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Gender Male
Image Jacob V. Hudnut
Job Title Chief Municipal Prosecutor
Name Jacob V. Hudnut
Nationality United States
Url linkedin
Works For Name: City of Jersey City URL: http://www.jerseycitynj.gov/
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Jacob V. Hudnut


New York City, US
24 Feb 2024

New York City, US
24 Feb 2024

Jacob V. Hudnut

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Jacob V. Hudnut

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