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Lorin Maazel


New York City, US
25 Feb 2024

New York City, US
25 Feb 2024

Lorin Maazel

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Lorin Maazel (American conductor and Violinist)

Lorin Varencove Maazel was an American conductor, violinist and composer. He began conducting at the age of eight and by 1953 had decided to pursue a career in music. He had established a reputation in the concert halls of Europe by 1960 but, by comparison, his career in the U.S. progressed far more slowly.

  • Born : March 6, 1930, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
  • Died : July 13, 2014 (age 84 years), Virginia
  • Spouse : Dietlinde Turban (m. 1986–2014)
  • Children : Fiona Maazel
  • Parents : Lincoln Maazel, Marion Shulman Maazel
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