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McLean Stevenson


New York City, US
25 Jan 2024

New York City, US
25 Jan 2024

McLean Stevenson

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McLean Stevenson
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McLean Stevenson (American actor and comedian)

Edgar McLean Stevenson Jr. was an American actor and comedian. He is best known for his role as Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake in the television series M*A*S*H, which earned him a Golden Globe Award in 1974.
  • Born : November 14, 1927, Normal, IL
  • Died : February 15, 1996, Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center
  • Spouse : Ginny Fosdick (m. 1980–1996), Carrie Williamson (m. 1949–1979)
  • Place of burial : Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, CA
  • Children : Jeff MacGregor
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