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Michael Landon


New York City, US
28 Feb 2024

New York City, US
28 Feb 2024

Michael Landon

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Michael Landon (American actor and filmmaker)

Michael Landon was an American actor and filmmaker. He is known for his roles as Little Joe Cartwright in Bonanza, Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, and Jonathan Smith in Highway to Heaven. Landon appeared on the cover of TV Guide 22 times, second only to Lucille Ball.

  • Born : October 31, 1936, Forest Hills, New York, NY
  • Died : July 1, 1991 (age 54 years), Malibu, CA
  • Children : Jennifer Landon, Michael Landon Jr., Mark Landon, MORE
  • Spouse : Cindy Landon (m. 1983–1991), Lynn Noe (m. 1963–1982), Dodie Levy-Fraser (m. 1956–1962)
  • Grandchildren : Rachel Matthews, Justin Michael Matthews, MORE
  • Height : 5′ 9″
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