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Michael Moore


New York City, US
25 Nov 2023

New York City, US
25 Nov 2023

Michael Moore

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Michael Moore | Substack
I was born in Flint and raised on a dirt street by loving parents, two sisters and a lot of Green Giant in a can. I believe we have less than 8yrs to ...
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Michael Moore
He has written and starred in TV Nation, a satirical news-magazine television series, and The Awful Truth, a satirical show. In 2018, he released his latest ...
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Michael Moore (II)
Michael Moore. Director: Bowling for Columbine. Michael Francis Moore was born in Flint, Michigan on April 23, 1954, and was raised in its Davison suburb.
Michael Moore (@MMFlint) / X
Filmmaker. Writer. Citizen. Podcaster. Listen to my podcast “Rumble with Michael Moore” on Apple & Spotify. Sign-up for my free newsletter at ...
Michael Moore (@michaelfmoore)
Filmmaker. Writer. Citizen. Podcaster. My podcast “Rumble with Michael Moore” is on Spotify & Apple. Sign up for my newsletter at MichaelMoore.com · 1,613 posts
Michael Moore
At least give us that. I want you to live. I want our younger generation to see you go through all four trials, to learn just how close we came to losing it all ...
Michael Moore
The official YouTube channel of Academy Award-winning Filmmaker Michael Moore. Featuring his podcast, "RUMBLE with Michael Moore." michaelmoore.comand 2 ...
Michael Moore
The official YouTube channel of Academy Award-winning Filmmaker Michael Moore. Featuring his podcast, "RUMBLE with Michael Moore."
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(American film director)


Michael Francis Moore is an American film director, producer, screenwriter and author. His works frequently address the topics of globalization and capitalism. He became publicly known for his award-winning debut documentary Roger & Me, a scathing look at the downfall of the automotive industry in 1980s Detroit.

  • Born : 1954 (age 69 years), Flint, MI
  • Spouse : Kathleen Glynn (m. 1991–2014)
  • Awards : Academy Award for Best Documentary (Feature), MORE
  • Production company : Dog Eat Dog Films
  • Parents : Frank Moore, Veronica Moore
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