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Ray Kurzweil is an American computer scientist, author, inventor, and futurist known for his work in various fields including optical character recognition (OCR), text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition technology, and electronic keyboard instruments.

Ray Kurzweil was born on 12 February 1948 and has written numerous books on topics such as health, artificial intelligence (AI), transhumanism, the technological singularity and futurism. Over the course of a career spanning more than five decades, he has made many accurate predictions about AI and science. He holds nineteen honorary doctorates and has worked with organisations such as MIT, Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products and Hyundai. Kurzweil is currently an executive at Google, where he researches computer software for smart devices that improve everyday life.

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Address New York, New York, United States
Alumni Of Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Birth Date 1948-02-12
Gender Male
Image Ray Kurzweil
Job Title American Computer Scientist and Author, Owner
Name Ray Kurzweil
Nationality United States
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Works For Name: Kurzweil Technologies URL: https://www.kurzweiltech.com
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Ray Kurzweil


New York City, US
27 Mar 2024

New York City, US
27 Mar 2024

Ray Kurzweil

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Kurzweil is a public advocate for the futurist and transhumanist movements and gives public talks to share his optimistic outlook on life extension technologies ...
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It features a hand-picked digest of stories + resources. Published by Ray Kurzweil — the inventor, best-selling author, and futurist — the collections explore ...
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A futurist and pioneer of pattern recognition technologies, Raymond Kurzweil has enriched our society with inventions that improve the quality of life for ...
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Ray Kurzweil | Speaker
With a 35-year track record of accurate predictions about AI and science, Ray Kurzweil has radically advanced the fields of speech, text and audio technology.
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Ray Kurzweil is a pioneering inventor in the field of computer science. He's well known for historic tech innovations — that he developed using the software ...
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Ray Kurzweil is one of the world's leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a twenty-year track record of accurate predictions. Kurzweil was selected as ...
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Feb 2, 2024 — Ray Kurzweil, American computer scientist and futurist who pioneered pattern-recognition technology and proselytized the inevitability of ...
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About Ray Kurzweil
Ray Kurzweil is one of the world's leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a thirty-year track record of accurate predictions.
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Ray Kurzweil - AI for Good - ITU
Ray Kurzweil is one of the world's leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a thirty-year track record of accurate predictions.
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Who Made America? | Innovators | Ray Kurzweil
Raymond Kurzweil has advanced pattern recognition technologies, and developed tools for blind people, musicians, and many others. He was born in 1948 to highly ...
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Ray Kurzweil (American computer scientist and author)

Raymond Kurzweil is an American computer scientist, author, inventor, and futurist. He is involved in fields such as optical character recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition technology and electronic keyboard instruments.

  • Born : 1948 (age 76 years), New York, NY
  • Awards : Grace Murray Hopper Award (1978), National Medal of Technology and Innovation (1999)
  • Children : Amy Kurzweil
  • Parents : Frederic Kurzweil, Hannah Kurzweil
  • Spouse : Sonya R. Kurzweil (m. 1975)
  • Employer : Google
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