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Dick Kramlich is a prominent figure in the field of venture capital and investment. He is the co-founder of New Enterprise Associates (NEA), one of the largest and most successful venture capital firms in the world. He is also the co-founder of Green Bay Ventures and the CEO of Kramlich Investment Group.

Dick Kramlich has been involved in venture capital since 1969, He has a strong presence on LinkedIn, where he is listed as the Managing Director at Green Bay Ventures. In addition to his work in venture capital, Dick Kramlich has a passion for art and innovation. He and his wife, Pamela, have assembled the Kramlich Collection, which is one of the most significant private collections of time-based media art.

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Address Menlo Park, California, United States
Birth Place Green Bay, Wisconsin
Gender Male
Image Richard Kramlich
Job Title Managing Director
Name Richard Kramlich
Nationality United States
Spouse Pam Kramlich
Url nea
Works For Green Bay Ventures (San Francisco, California)
Golden golden
Crunchbase crunchbase
Google google
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Richard Kramlich


New York City, US
11 Feb 2024

New York City, US
11 Feb 2024

Richard Kramlich

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Richard Kramlich
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Dick Kramlich (Venture capitalist)

Dick Kramlich is co-founder of New Enterprise Associates and Green Bay Ventures, and CEO of Kramlich Investment Group. He began his 30+ year venture career as a general partner at Arthur Rock & Co. in 1969.,in%201969.
  • Children : Christina Noelle Kramlich, Peter Ward Kramlich, Richard Squire Kramlich
  • Spouse : Pam Kramlich (m. 1981)
  • Organization founded : New Enterprise Associates
  • Movies : Something Ventured
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