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Sebastian J. Simon is an immigration attorney who has represented clients in immigration courts around the United States. He is the managing partner of Simon Law Group, PLLC, a full-service immigration law firm based in Houston, Texa

Sebastian Simon is known for his expertise in handling complex immigration issues, including providing counsel to individuals in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This program offers temporary protection to children who have been living in the United States since childhood. Sebastian J. Simon is intimately familiar with the problems and struggles associated with immigration. He understands the unfortunate delays, endless paperwork, and complications during the legal process of naturalization, obtaining a visa or green card, or immigration for your dependents, and he knows how to create an efficient plan for you and your family. Attorney Simon is fluent in Spanish and provides legal services to individuals whose native language is not English.

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Address Houston, Texas, United States
Alumni Of American University Washington College of Law (Washington, DC) and Universidad Diego Portales (Santiago, Santiago)
Email [email protected]
Gender Male
Image Sebastian J. Simon
Job Title Managing Partner
Name Sebastian J. Simon
Nationality United States
Url simonimmigrationlaw
Works For Sebastian Simon Law Group, PLLC (217 Broadway # 603, New York, NY 10007)
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Sebastian J. Simon


New York City, US
1 Jul 2024

New York City, US
1 Jul 2024

Sebastian J. Simon

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Sebastian J. Simon
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About Sebastian Simon
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Sebastian Simon Law Group, PLLC New York (Immigration attorney in New York)
  • Address : 217 Broadway # 603, New York, NY 10007
  • Phone : (332) 330-8387

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