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Vittorio Gassman


New York City, US
23 Mar 2024

New York City, US
23 Mar 2024

Vittorio Gassman

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Overview, Movies › wiki › V...
Vittorio Gassman
In 1994, Gassman voiced Mufasa in the Italian dubbed version of The Lion King. ... Gassman's voice was redubbed in several of his films by historical Italian ... › name
Vittorio Gassman(1922-2000)
Personal details · Alternative name. Vittorio Gassmann · Height. 6′ 1¾″ (1.87 m) · Born. September 1, 1922 · Genoa, Liguria, Italy · Died. June 29, 2000 ... › wiki
Vittorio Gassman - Wikidata
Italian actor and director (1922–2000) › name › bio
Vittorio Gassman - Biography
Vittorio Gassman studied theatre in his youth and was quite a good basketball player. He debuted on stage in 1943 and soon felt home in › person › 12259-vittorio-...
Vittorio Gassman
Vittorio Gassman Knight Grand Cross OMRI popularly known as Il Mattatore, was an Italian actor, director and screenwriter. He is considered one of the ... › remembering-vittorio-gassman
Remembering Vittorio Gassman
Jun 24, 2020 — Formerly Film Editor of VENICE, Los Angeles Arts and Entertainment magazine, currently Los Angeles Correspondent for the Italian film monthly ... › 2000/06/30 › movies › vitt...
Vittorio Gassman, 77, Veteran Italian Star Comfortable in ...
Jun 30, 2000 — Vittorio Gassman, a versatile film star who was also one of Italy's leading classical stage actors, died yesterday in his home in Rome. › celebrity › vittorio_g...
Vittorio Gassman
Handsome, occasionally grandiloquent, Vittorio Gassman has been a popular and successful stage and screen actor in his native Italy for well over fifty ... › person › vittorio-gassman
Vittorio Gassman Movies and Shows
Learn about Vittorio Gassman on Apple TV. Browse shows and movies that feature Vittorio Gassman including Sleepers, War and Peace, and more. › person
Vittorio Gassman - Actor Filmography، photos، Video
Biography. An Italian actor and director, who studied at the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts. He began his theatrical work in Milan in 1943 ...
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Vittorio Gassman (Italian actor and director)

Vittorio Gassman Knight Grand Cross OMRI, popularly known as Il Mattatore, was an Italian actor, director, and screenwriter. He is considered one of the greatest Italian actors, whose career includes both important productions as well as dozens of divertissements.
  • Born : September 1, 1922, Genoa, Italy
  • Died : June 29, 2000 (age 77 years), Rome, Italy
  • Spouse : Diletta D'Andrea (m. 1970–2000), Shelley Winters (m. 1952–1954), Nora Ricci (m. 1944–1952)
  • Children : Alessandro Gassmann, Vittoria Gassman, Jacopo Gassman, Paola Gassman
  • Height : 6′ 2″
  • Grandchildren : Leo Gassmann, Tommaso Pagliai
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