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About Scott E. Edgett

Scott E. Edgett is an attorney and the founding partner of Edgett Law Firm, based in Plano, Texas.

Scott E. Edgett's specialties include personal injury, criminal law and drunk driving. He has been practicing law for over 15 years. The Edgett Law Firm, P.C., which he founded, provides legal services in a variety of areas, including criminal defense, personal injury and family law.

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Address Plano, Texas, United States
Alumni Of NSU Shepard Broad College of Law
Email [email protected]
Gender Male
Image Scott E. Edgett
Job Title Founding Attorney
Name Scott E. Edgett
Nationality United States
Url edgettlawfirm
Works For Name: Edgett Law Firm PC , Url:
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Scott E. Edgett


Plano, US
1 Apr 2024

Plano, US
1 Apr 2024

Scott E. Edgett

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Scott E. Edgett
Attorney Scott E. Edgett is the founding partner of Edgett Law Firm. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with attorney Scott E. Edgett.
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Scott Edgett is a top criminal defense lawyer in Plano, Texas, and founder of Edgett Law Firm.

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