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Abby L. Ertz is an attorney based in San Diego, California and she is a partner at The Ertz Law Group, which provides legal services in criminal defense, personal injury, and family law.

Abby L. Ertz is licensed to practice law in California and she is known for providing excellent case management and a tenacious defense for her clients. Abby has handled hundreds of criminal and family cases. She has appeared in all 5 major branches of the San Diego Superior Court as well as various courthouses throughout the State of California. From smaller issues such as traffic violations and warrant recalls to custody, divorce, asset division, and complex felony litigation, Abby treats every client like an individual and every matter like a serious step to their future success.

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Address San Diego, California, United States
Email [email protected]
Gender Female
Image Abby L. Ertz
Job Title Partner and Attorney at Law
Name Abby L. Ertz
Nationality United States
Url sandiegolawyernearme
Works For Name: Ertz Law Group, Url:
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Abby L. Ertz


San Diego, US
1 Nov 2023

San Diego, US
1 Nov 2023

Abby L. Ertz

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