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About Shavon J. Smith

Shavon J. Smith is a business attorney, entrepreneur, speaker, and author who founded The SJS Law Firm, PLLC in 2014

Shavon J. Smith is known for her legal expertise in representing small business owners and entrepreneurs in all legal aspects of their ventures, including entity formation, employment matters, and more. She is also a problem solver who helps her clients navigate complex legal issues and achieve their business goals. In addition to her legal work, Shavon J. Smith is a community leader who believes in the power of service and compassion. She has spoken on various platforms about the importance of community service and building relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. She is the author of the Small Business Owner's Guide to Hiring a. n Attorney, a book that provides practical advice for entrepreneurs on how to find and work with a lawyer

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Address 1775 I Street, NW Suite 1150 Washington, DC 20005
Email [email protected]
Gender Female
Image Shavon J. Smith
Job Title Small Business Attorney & Founder
Name Shavon J. Smith
Nationality United States
Url thesjslawfirm
Works For Name: The SJS Law Firm, PLLC Url:
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Shavon J. Smith


Washington, D. C., US
1 Nov 2023

Washington, D. C., US
1 Nov 2023

Shavon J. Smith

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Shavon J. Smith - Washington DC
Shavon Smith is one of the top rated Business & Corporate attorneys in Washington, DC. She has met the stringent Super Lawyers selection criteria.
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Shavon J. Smith - Washington DC
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Shavon J. Smith (@shavonjsmith)
Business Attorney. Speaker.Entrepreneur. Author. Problem Solver · Beautiful time with my beautiful family. · Lovely gift and reminder ...

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